Tell Me a Story

Back when the majority of my favorite songs were written and recorded the purpose was expressing art, the poets and the musicians telling their stories. Fame and fortune were a bi-product of their mission; but for most, it wasn’t the initial goal.

In today’s world, it seems to be the opposite. To be famous, revered by ones peers, wealth and the power that brings, takes the forefront.

Fortunately, there still are the poets, the beautiful dreamers with words that touch the soul, sharing their gifts with us and I delight when I find them.

I don’t actually know this bands story but I was moved the first time I heard this song. Poetry mixed with a lovely melody.

Write It Down

Notes. Lists. Calendar reminders. My life would be chaotic without the ability to write down what I need to remember.

There was a time when I could run to the store, pick up all that I need and rarely forget an item. Not anymore. If I don’t write it down, good chance I will forget something I need. Even the trusty, “I need 4 items”, doesn’t work. The problem with a specific number of items is you actually have to remember each of them. Ugh!

The body has a cruel way of reminding us that we are getting older. First the vision began to struggle. Then there was the weight gain. And now the memory.

Most people don’t realize when they’re younger the beauty of youth. The body cooperates nicely. You can stay up all night and not need a couple of days to recuperate. Sleeping past 5 am is effortless.

There is little control over what time does to us. But there is something I can do and that is to stay “young at heart”.  I am not at all interested in becoming the old lady who sits around doing nothing but waiting to die. I will take the time to breathe in life, love on my family, take trips, and, of course, there is my beloved music! I will enjoy this phase of life as best I can with the aid of my calendar reminders and my numerous lists.

Spread Your Wings

A coworker and I were discussing the cute little butterflies (elephants, Mel!) that I bought to put in my plants, particularly the plant in my office that has no color other than green leaves.  She joked about how this was the shortest part of the butterfly’s life, the end, and how beautiful they were, but it is fleeting.  I quickly thought how that was like a metaphor for the stage of life I’m in.  Although, nowhere like the beauty of the butterfly, the transition to being comfortable in your skin, liking who you are, tends to come as you move into the senior years, and it is lovely.  These years are shorter than the rest of one’s life, but there is a cool thing that happens (which would really be great if we could have experienced it earlier….would have saved me some BIG mistakes, but life typically doesn’t work that way) where you recognize that it’s ok to like what you like, disagree with what you don’t believe, wear what you want to wear, love who you genuinely love….be, YOU.

At my age, I’ve finally come into my own.  Oddly enough, it is similar to the person I was in my 20’s, the one who didn’t realize she was supposed to conform, and it’s very satisfying.  I spent many years complying with that which others thought I should be.  Like that girl in her 20’s, I don’t do that anymore.  I am authentic.  I shed my cocoon, I’m a butterfly.  Well, metaphorically speaking.


Happy is Good

I recently took a much-needed break and headed to the California coast with my sister.  We both very much needed to disconnect.

The first day we headed to Zuma beach.  I was sitting in my chair with my umbrella, my eyes closed and listening to the waves hit the shore, smelling the sea, toes in the sand – mindful – I realized I was smiling.  I was happy.  Happy is good.

After the beach we went to a wine tasting, then drove back through Topanga Canyon to the Valley where my niece lives.  Turning on my favorite playlist, listening to Fleetwood Mac (my favorite!), while driving through the winding canyon road, laughing, singing….feeling again.  It was like living in a cool movie scene, but it was real!  I was happy.

The next day we headed to some touristy spots with my niece and her toddler. My niece is more like my little sister; we have a strong bond so hanging with her is just natural.  Her son is adorable and it was fun to get to know him a little better.  After the Grove and Farmer’s Market, we headed again to the ocean.  We needed to see it one more time.  One can never see the ocean enough.

The next morning we headed back to Arizona.  I love my home state so heading home was ok…except my disconnection was much too short.  I need more of these trips.  Life is flying by.

The weather is changing and the snow will be falling up north soon so I think the next break will include a trip to the mountains.